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Deeply connected caregiving empowers you to lead a richer, more meaningful life in whatever place you call home.

Expert support for people with differing abilities and disabilities
Long-term care or care during recovery from illness or injury
Complement your ad hoc support system or healthcare team
At home or in an assisted living or clinical care environment

an enlightened solution to aging in place

We believe everyone deserves to lead a life with purpose, meaning, and joy. That’s why we take a holistic approach to care that honors your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
We call it Total LifeSM.

By surrounding you in a circle of support, we enable you to forge and maintain the deep, personal connections that are essential to your positive quality of life.

  • Things you enjoy
  • People who are near and dear
  • Your important places
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Connection and communication are at the heart of it all.

When you engage with Biscochito, you activate a team of passionate, compassionate professionals who are always there for you.

We create a personalized care plan, and dedicated care team, based on your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances.

Total LifeSM planning

We match you with a caregiver based on their complementary background and personality, as well as their skills and experience.

caregiver pairing and training

Your caregiver is fully present for you, providing proactive engagement and support for daily living according to your plan.

active daily accompaniment

To ensure your safety and comfort, your caregiver has access to practical guidance and advice from our liaisons.

coordinated delivery of care

Your care team meets regularly to discuss or adjust your care plan in collaboration with your family and health care team.

ongoing evaluation and improvement

our caregivers are smart cookies

Biscochito caregivers are highly trained and respected employees, not contractors. Each one is deeply committed to their work. They benefit from ongoing training, certification, and support.

“My caregiver has changed my life by sharing her energy. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of bed to do things, but I know that when she arrives we’re going to have a good day. She helps me see beyond my aches and pains and remember that life is beautiful and worth living.” 

— Martha, an older adult we support

“Our previous agency made us call and arrange for substitutes whenever a caregiver was sick and paid our caregivers very little given what we were paying them. At Biscochito, they handle the subs, pay the caregivers well, support them like crazy, and bring in specialists to share strategies for how we can best support my dad.” 

– Sam, the son of an older adult living with dementia

Have questions? We have answers.

How much do your services cost?

We base our prices on the unique needs of each person we support. Generally, we charge $35 per hour, which includes comprehensive support from diverse experts and care teams.

What kinds of services do you provide?

Biscochito offers a Total LifeSM approach to aging in place that includes customized outings and activities according to plan, such as attending a grandchild’s soccer game, hosting a dinner party, or going to museums and cultural events. It also involves support for daily living—things like personal care and hygiene assistance, cooking and meal preparation, transportation to events and appointments, light housekeeping and laundry, shopping and errands, medication reminders, and health monitoring.

Do you offer support for people with disabilities?

Yes! We got our start 15 years ago caring for people with developmental disabilities, including older adults facing the physical and mental challenges of aging, as well as other physical and mental conditions. Our care managers and expert advisors are on staff to ensure we provide proper support for each person.

Do you offer support in assisted living or clinical settings?

Absolutely. We understand that your need for many types of support exists no matter where you’re living. Our Total LifeSM plan considers your living situation and what services you may or may not need at any particular time. Your plan is updated regularly, so if your living situation changes, your plan will change with it.

How do you screen or select your caregivers?

Our caregivers are background checked and carefully vetted both professionally and personally to ensure your safety and comfort. Many Biscochito caregivers have deep experience in elder care, home care, and related fields. Once a caregiver is hired, we provide thorough training, ensure they are certified in CPR and first aid, and connect them to a network of support so they always have the resources they need to stay well while caring for you. It should also be said that we treat our caregivers as partners—with the utmost respect for the important role they play.

What does the name Biscochito mean?

A biscochito is the state cookie of New Mexico. Flavored with anise, cinnamon, and sugar, this shortbread-style treat is a hallmark of winter gatherings. Grandparents pass down the family recipe to their children and grandchildren in the warmth of the kitchen. For us, the biscochito is a wonderful representation of the sweetness that comes from a custom recipe for living well, surrounded by love, as we age.

What locations do you serve?

We are based in Santa Fe and serve The City Different, neighboring villages, and Albuquerque.

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